Riverstone Pride is the way our school and community work together to maintain quality educational standards. It encompasses the values of respect, responsibility and recognition which is demonstrated through our activities and achievements.
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2017 Resource Allocation Model funding

In October 2016, all NSW public schools will receive a 2017 Planned School Budget Allocation Report. The report will assist with the management of the total budget delivered to schools through the Resource Allocation Model (RAM).... Read more

Images of Poetree

Poetree in Action

With a focus in English on poetry, novels and creative writing this semester, 7P have been doing some 'Guerrilla Poetry' work. The students have been considering what makes a 'beautiful sentence'. During lessons, they have been... Read more

Emily - Friendship

Moran Photographic Prize Semi-Finalists

Emily M Kimberly W Moran Photographic Prize Semi-Finalists announced! The semi-finalists for the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize have been selected for 2016. Congratulations to Emily M and Kimberly W for being selected... Read more