Riverstone Pride is the way our school and community work together to maintain quality educational standards. It encompasses the values of respect, responsibility and recognition which is demonstrated through our activities and achievements.
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Learning Space

Our library redesigned for the future

Future-focused learning spaces support the implementation of high quality learning experiences for all students at Riverstone High School. Future-focused Learning Spaces allow students flexibility over how they learn. Our new... Read more

alum crystal

RACI Crystal Growing Competition

Riverstone High School have made their debut in the 2016 RACI All Schools Crystal Growing Competition. Throughout Term two, students in 7P worked very hard to nurture and grow crystals made of alum and copper sulfate. All... Read more

Schools Spectacular Fundraiser

This year four students from the Riverstone High School Support Unit have been chosen to participate in the 2016 Schools Spectacular. To assist with the cost of costumes, we are running a Fundraiser through Timbertown Pies ®.... Read more