Riverstone Pride is the way our school and community work together to maintain quality educational standards. It encompasses the values of respect, responsibility and recognition which is demonstrated through our activities and achievements.
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Moodle Page

Teachers and students can access the Moodle Page by clicking the link Moodle Page... Read more

Justice Tipoki-Russell (Year 7)

Showcase 'Riverbald Prize' Winners

The annual 'Riverbald Prize' was again held as part of Showcase this year. There were many fantastic artworks on display including drawings, paintings, prints, photography, ceramics and cushions. Students, staff and the... Read more

Managing depression in children

One in four kids over the age of 12 has significant depressive symptoms. For girls, depression generally appears between the ages of 11 through to about 14. For boys, depression generally appears between 12 and 16. Signs your... Read more